Mutual Funds

Key highlights below: The European funds industry faced estimated net outflows of €17.0 bn from long-term mutual funds for September. Mixed-asset funds (+€2.0 bn) were the best selling asset class overall, followed by alternative UCITS products (+€1.8 bn) and real estate funds (+€0.4 bn)....

· Money market products faced overall net outflows of €14.4 bn for September.

· The single fund markets with the highest net inflows for September were the United Kingdom (+€3.7 bn), Germany (+€1.7 bn), and Switzerland (+€0.4 bn). France (-€19.8 bn), Luxembourg (-€9.3 bn), and the Netherlands (-€4.0 bn) stood on the other side.

· Equity Eurozone (+€1.7 bn) was the best selling sector for September among long-term funds.

· BlackRock, with net sales of €6.1 bn, was the best selling group for September overall, ahead of Standard Life (+€1.4 bn) and Vanguard (+€1.1 bn).

· The ten best selling funds gathered net inflows of €13.1 bn for September.

· BlackRock ICS Institutional USD Liquidity Core Acc (+€1.7 bn) was the best selling individual fund for September.



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