Mutual Funds

 As of the end of June 2015 there were 32,044 mutual funds registered for sale in Europe. Luxembourg continued to dominate the fund market in Europe, hosting 9,061 funds, followed by France, where 4,670 funds were domiciled....


During Q2 2015, 459 funds were launched in Europe.

The quantity of newly launched products was 11% behind the number of launches during second quarter 2014, but it was in line with the average of the last four measured second quarters (the number of launches for Q2 2011 needs to be considered as exceptional).

The number of liquidations went down approximately 11%, comparing Q2 2015 with Q2 2014—to 359 from 402, for the lowest number of liquidations in the five-year observation period.

The number of fund mergers went up approximately 28%, from 257 for Q2 2014 to 329 for Q2 2015, but–similar to launches–fund mergers were in line with the average of the last four measured second quarters.



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