GAM adopts a new brand design, expressing the common purpose of all of its teams around the world: advancing the potential of capital...

The external launch of the redesigned GAM brand follows its 'silent unveiling' on 16 November on the company's website and to staff. The new brand, with a fresher, more contemporary look, will also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of GAM's marketing and communication efforts, thereby building stronger market recognition for its capabilities.

Alexander Friedman, Group CEO, said: "This brand is a reflection of who we are today and part of our strategic investment in our future. The research we conducted showed that the world knows only the company we used to be - and that needs to change."

Founded in 1983, the company has gone through a decade of two corporate ownerships - UBS acquired GAM in 1999 before selling it to Julius Baer in 2005. It emerged on the other side, together with Julius Baer's former asset management business, as an independent company again in 2009.

Advancing the potential of capital
Throughout its history, GAM has always been dedicated to putting its clients' capital to work, in order to help them achieve their aspirations. This purpose is at the heart of GAM's new brand identity. It expresses a common understanding of all of GAM's clients - that only by investing their capital can it be productive. It also unites all of the company's 1,000 employees, making the brand an important enabler for GAM's current strategic drive toward further integration and long-term growth.

For its re-branding, GAM was advised by Siegel + Gale. The global brand strategy firm developed the new handcrafted GAM logo and the visual identity based on proprietary illustrations inspired by technical blueprints as a way to realise original ideas that set things in motion.

Alexander Friedman: "We are a company built by investors, for investors - proud of where we came from, laser-focused on the world today and at the same time looking to the future. Working with us means investing in honest foresight, human rigour and the fundamental belief in the potential of capital."

Focused brand campaign
With the re-branding, GAM will launch a focused corporate brand campaign, its first since 2008, predominantly on digital channels targeted at investors and investment professionals.

In its new brand architecture, GAM retains the exclusive worldwide licence to use the 'Julius Bär Funds' trademark. It is used purely for investment products and in conjunction with the GAM brand, in markets and client segments where the Julius Baer name has a strong recognition.



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